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Fabric Estimetor Guide

When you go shopping online, you can find the fabric you're looking for... and a lot more to get you inspired. You can use this method to help you buy enough fabric when you don't have a specific pattern in mind but come across fabric that would make a nice pair of dress pants, for example.

Because fabric comes in a variety of widths and the pattern envelope may only include yardage required for two, you can use this advice to purchase the exact quantity for the fabric's width.


Fabric Estimetor for Women's Wear

Fabric Estimetor for Skirts.

Fabric Estimetor for Sarees

Fabric Estimnetor for Men's Wear

Fabric Estimetor for Indo Westerns

Fabric Estimetor for Handloom Products

Fabric Estimetor for Dresses

Fabric Estimetor for Accessories

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