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Welcome to the sustainable village of Fabmyntra, your foremost and cardinal source for all the lush fabrics and assorted textile you wish for. We are passionate and dedicated to giving you the very best of trendy and happening fabrics available in the market, with a focus on your budget, texture,color and properties of fabric, safe and eminent delivery/shipping.


Founded in 2021 by Mr. Vishnu Pandey, to turn his passion for unifying fabric and fashion embracing sustainability. His eminent study of clothing and textiles include scientific arrangement of materials; representation of textiles and their manufacture in art; and specifications concerning the manufacture, acquisition, use, and trade of fabrics, tools, and finished garments. Being an avid follower of textile history, he wishes to articulate fashion with fabric.

Fabmyntra offers you the world’s most advanced and trend setting fabrics reflecting style and couture with a dynamic and chic approach. We are pioneers in our sector by investing in people and technology and by producing quality products at low cost. We ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and sight to be at peace with nature by creating and promoting environmental awareness. 

Summing it up, we serve customers all over the globe, and are thrilled that we're able to turn our passion into our own website



My personal journey as founder of Fabmyntra is both an investigation and implementation of a design-directed and skillful business attributed with comprehensive brand disposition from both inner and outer spheres. This predominantly inculcates taking an institutional path to construct a central culture, external communication, and products fully aligned to wanted brand disposition. The journey so far has been absolutely enthralling yet elegant. 

  • Vishnu Pandey
  • Founder



    OUR AIM:

    Fabmyntra aims to become the most recognized online fabric and environmentally sustainable brand across the globe, covering major handicrafts communities across India. 

    We have constructed an independent and maverick organization from its inception nourishing each function centrally so actively to never lose our trail of edification of a great brand.


    Fabmyntra is endeavouring to resuscitate dissipation of traditional and modern fabrics both of India through an online medium. Our guardians and designers work personally with artisans across India to bring prime quality artisanal fabrics and textile which can be utilized in making dupattas, stoles, sarees, suits, home furnishing, accessories and more.


    Crowing it all we are based out of Surat, Gujarat which is the textile hub of the country. The paramount yarn manufacturing, weaving, production and even embroidery takes place in Surat. Always adaptable to the changes, the city has never failed to acknowledge and offer to the changing taste of people.


    We hope you enjoy our fabrics as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any queries, suggestions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.



    Fabmyntra Team



    To bestow customers with their wants within their budget leading a dynamic and chic approach and keeping them updated with the fresh and happening trends.


    To advance, to amplify and to bestow paramount fabrics to our valued customers across the globe. To make a difference through our branding for layering ahead of fashion trends within one’s budget.

    To strengthen the quality of life for our business associates,customers and employees. 

    To adapt sustainable practices that can lead to more environmentally cordial and ecologically accountable decisions and lifestyles, which can aid preserve the environment and sustain its natural resources for present and future generations.

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