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Are you already following sustainable and ethical fashion?

Are you already following sustainable and ethical fashion?

Sustainable fashion (also known as eco-fashion and ReFashion) is a manoeuvre and affair of implementing change to fashion products and the fashion structure towards significant ecological integrity and social equity. Sustainable fashion examines more than just directing fashion textiles or products.


First step to abide by the laws of sustainable fashion is to include natural fibers like cotton, silk, wool, etc. in the garment and apparel industry and make use of recycled fabrics which in turn will help in shrinking the speed of their depletion. Studies stipulate that tons of used clothing and other articles are discarded by consumers as textile waste which can be upcycled and reused. 



Was that not enough for you to thrive and dig into the world of sustainable fashion?
Here are four more reasons why you might adapt the shift to sustainable fashion.


  1. Quality narrows waste

Sustainable fashion intends to minimise the overall environmental damage caused. This states clothing that's made of pesticide free fibres, emanated in closed loop systems or with a focus on recycling and/or reducing the overall water and chemical waste. Sustainable brands anchor on quality, utilizing materials and products that are made to last as well as being congenial to the environment. In opting for sustainable brands that provide quality, you can narrow your waste as well as the proportion of clothing that you buy (making you save your money a little more).

  1. Because being is you more important 

Nowadays, fashion is all about trends, but we’ve been instructed what to wear for so long that many of us have unremembered what our own unique style looks like. Many sustainable brands aim to create extraordinary and breathtaking pieces of superior quality. Style, curate and design your own personal style, say bye to money wasting fashion trends and encompass clothes that resemble you.



  1. It will heal our planet

The fashion industry vamooses a huge environmental impact. From the landfill footprint, and power-water consumption, to the pesticides and insecticide utilized in flourishing cotton and the chemicals that are making their room into the water supply and distressing the health of those in the supply chain, it’s safe to say that following fashion blindly is a realistic issue for the environment. In selecting sustainable fashion you can say no to bracing the negative environmental impact that the fashion industry is causing, and in-turn lessen your own environmental footprint.

  1. Better for us!

Inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends has kept the cost of clothing down at the cost of low pay and conditions in developing countries. By diverting to ethically made brands which are sustainable, you are ensuring that the clothing you opt to spend your money on hasn’t taken benefit of workers or used child labour.




One more option to achieve sustainable fashion is thrift shopping. It is an overlooked way of practicing sustainability. This type of shopping reduces energy consumption, air pollution, mountains of landfill, and retains our oceans cleaner. There are endless fashion achievabilities with thrift shopping, but it is also another way to take care of Mother Earth.




From vocationing clothing brands to thrifting your couch, there are many things you can do to make sustainability a major part of the fashion industry.


Are you already following sustainable and ethical fashion?
Or are you thinking of a switch?Do let us know your thoughts, tips and advice...

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